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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 7, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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we're live here in san francisco. just released details of the brand-new ipading wi being reley apple. that story coming up. also a dramatic twist in a deadly double shooting in the south bay. why neighbors say a mother may have killed her own son. plus, keeping oakland teams in oakland. city leaders consider millions in renovations. the news at 11:00 starts now. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon in for
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john kelley. >> i'm marla tellez. a shiny new edition to holiday gift lists everywhere. >> the third generation ipad. scott mcgrew has been following the market since the announcement. first bob joins us live from the y yerba buena center. >> reporter: not too many surpris surprises. a lot of what we heard about this morning that was out there on the internet seems to have been verified this morning by apple here at the yerba buena center for the arts where the presentation we believe is just wrapping up right now. the biggest improvement in the third generation of the ipad is going to be in the display. people inside witnessing the presentation said it's absolutely beautiful compared to the current ipad 2. the third generation has a retina display. it's much higher resolution. 3.1 million pickx ls on the display. also an a5x.
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the next apple ipad will have four times the graphics power. a new five megapixel camera that can shoot high definition video. it will run on the 4g lte network. much faster than the current 3-g. they note if there's no 4g available the new ipad will run on the 3g. they demoed a new feature. voice dictation with your e-mail where you can speak in english, french, german or japanese and have that translated into an e-mail. tim cook, ceo of apple, says the category they defined, portable tablet category is now going to make that the pc is no longer the center of the universe but just a device. >> everyone's been wondering who
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will come out with a product that's more amazing than the ipad 2 with its big, beautiful 9.7 inch screen. super fast a5 chip. all-day battery life. elegant, thin and light design. everybody's been wondering this. well, stop wondering. we are. >> the new 4g versions, laura and marla, will be priced ranging from $629 to 8$829. preordering kickoff today. they go on sale a week from friday. reporting live outside the yerba buena center for the arts in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> so many people anxious to get their hands on the latest ipad. scott watching the effect this is having on the markets. >> what we normally expect out of apple is that the stock will
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drop ever so slightly after any major announcement. doesn't matter how cool it is. you know, buy on the rumor, sell on the news. here you see a chart. i'll get to that in just a minute. about the stock, the stock is actually up this morning. $2.10 to $532. a different change today. remember, yesterday's was so bad. all right. let's talk about this chart. remember apple? they dropped the name computer years ago from apple computer. over there on the left that green is the imac sales from just three years ago. watch how the company has just become a phone and ipad company. the brown is the ipad. as we move across, we see the company in just 36 months is an entirely different company. going from selling computers to selling iphones and ipads. you push that idea forward and 36 months from now, that'll be, what, february 2015, apple may base its entire company on two
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entirely new products we've never heard of. that's the hope anyway. we hope apple can continue to innovate. today we didn't see innovation. we saw improvements and upgrades. but, nonetheless, pretty exciting stuff. >> we just heard tim cook himself say apple is going to invent that next big product. what do you think it's going to take to see the boost in apple shares. what sort of a product? the tv? >> that's the question. this is called the innovators dilemma. how do you get better than yourself? always the small ones. you try to protect your own market share, right? instead of paying attention to what's next. tv, possibly. you talk about the full television. i would also like to see tim cook getting involved in cars. the other thing i think was interesting, marla, here is how very jobsian this was. dark shirt. shaking of hands. thoughtful pause. certainly steve jobs has sent the standard for the presentation. >> steve jobs-esque.
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we are following the latest on the apple announcement on our website. go to nbc bay area news and search "apple." stunning new details this morn wk the deadly double shooting in sunnyville. two bodies found in a home. stephanie truong live from the scene where she was first to report this morning. it was a mother who killed her son and then herself. stephanie? >> reporter: very tragic story here. at first neighbors thought it was an armed burglary because there's been a recent rash of break-ins. they learned today family troubles was behind it. someone left a bouquet of flowers here at this home where a man returned last night to discover the bodies of his wife and son. >> i'm in shock. >> reporter: charles tovar was saddened when he heard his next door neighbor, a close friend, had died. he was shocked when he heard how. >> appears that the mother shot the 22-year-old son. and then shot herself. >> reporter: the husband and
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father, a 25-year palo alto park range we are, lester hodgens, walked in and discovered the bodies in the son's bedroom around 7:45 last night. >> he was quite distraught. breaking down at times. but, you know, as you can imagine. >> reporter: tovar believes elizabeth hodgens was driven by the stress of taking care of their autistic son george by herself. >> i knew she was kind of -- after she took him to school, then -- he worked all day. she was by herself. we moved in here about the same time. i lost my wife. so she -- we spent a lot of time together. she had troubles getting him into schools. the last school he was in, she had to pull him out or something. they couldn't handle him anymore. >> reporter: the tragedy has left friends and neighbors thinking of the soul survival, lester, who they just saw on saturday when the hodgens held a garage sale. >> lester was coming up the street here. like, good morning, how you doing? i said, good. he said, it's a beautiful day. the usual typical lester, you
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know, just always happy. always positive thing to say. >> my heart goes out to him. he's a wonderful man. he's got to be heartbroken. i just -- i don't have words. >> reporter: we also learned today that a handgun was used in this. although we don't know what caliber, police have not released either who the gun belonged to. an autopsy performed this morning. results should be out this afternoon. live in sunnyville. a hayward man is back in court answering to dui and felony hit and run charges that left a 9-year-old boy critically injured. 22-year-old andrew vargas is reportedly working on a plea agreement. the case from last august, he's accused of hitting 9-year-old ryan white as the boy and his family were walking to their hotel from the phillies/giants game at at&t park. white survived and is recovering at home in pennsylvania. traffic in san francisco could be impacted this afternoon
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by a march in support of contraceptive rights. protesters will target the office of archbishop george neiderauer. march on to st. mary's cathedral on gearry at 5:30. the focus of the group is to go after catholic leaders after they objected to federal health care mandates requiring employers to provide cont contraceptive coverage. compromise still in the works in washington. i haven't been lucky enough to get outside yet. but it looks to be a beautiful day. meteorologist christina loren, she is busy in that bay area weather center working on that forecast sfwl always. let me do you a solid right now, marla. let's show marla what it looks like outside, shall we? because it is just gorgeous out there. transamerica pyramid. can you believe how nice it is? >> what are we doing in here? >> i know. the winds have calmed down. it's a beautiful day shaping up. one of many days that we'll be able to enjoy as we round out the workweek. temperatures climbing into the 70s. high pressure has taken control of our forecast.
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it's going to warm us up by about five to ten degrees from yesterday's highs. even warmer tomorrow and friday. and then we do need that rain. we're still running pretty good-sized deficit in terms of our average rainfall totals. we've got more of that on the way as well as we kick off next week. a lot to talk about in your full forecast. >> thank you, christina. still ahead, a home run investment? new this morning, oakland's mayor talking right now about what it might take to keep oakland sports teams in oakland. we're talking new stadium. i'm christy smith. i'll have details coming up. plus, a plus for google. silicon valley giant welcomes one distinguished guest today. one tough breakup for colts fans. but a potentially golden opportunity for nfvel teams.
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toward a strategy to keep their three professional sports teams at home. right now city leaders are unveiling a plan to a coliseum complex makeover. nbc bay area's christie smith says right now it may not have funding but it has plenty of support. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it certainly has a lot of support from people who live here in oakland. they want to see their teams stay right here. right now the mayor, the city administrator and a host of others, they just wrapped up a press conference here at city hall. they're unveiling plans aimed at redeveloping the entire area around the oakland coliseum. a new stadium. all this aimed at keeping oakland's three sports teams right here in oakland. now, just last night the city council approved spending $3.5 million on plans for a new stadium. the coliseum arena website, i checked it out this morning, it says the raiders played their first game there back in 1966. the team certainly wants a new
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stadium. the plan also calls for redeveloping the area around paganberger road around the airport. the plan should take about a year and a half to study. but there is a catch. the raiders and the a's will have their leases expire next year. the warriors have apparently expressed interest in this new oakland plan. but the a's and the raiders, they share the coliseum. they want new stadiums. and, of course, the a's have their eyes on san jose. council president larry reid's district includes this neighborhood. >> what it's going to take to make happen is that you've got three sport franchises. the history of those teams are in this city. they've got to believe and buy into the vision that can do some special things. and can change this city for a lifetime. >> reporter: now, some of the money for this study is the last of the redevelopment funds from the city. oakland hopes to bring in some
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private investors to help pay for this whole project should it happen. and city leaders are saying what would also have to happen is ha the sports teams would have to pony up, too. reporting live in oakland, christie smith, nbc bay area news. the cost of california's proposed bullet train shows no signs of slowing down, at least according to a new study. researchers found the state will have to set aside more than $700 million each year to repay billions of dollars in loans. just for the first phase of construction. that figure is growing. they say partially because of higher borrowing rates. on top of that, a recent poll showed many voters in california would reject the project because of its cost if they had another chance to vote on it. right now the president of israel is meeting with thousands of high-tech entrepreneurs and executives. the launch conference in san francisco is the latest stop in shimon perez's first trip to the bay area. last night he spoke before a sold-out crowd of 2,000 at san
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francisco's largest jewish place of worship, the temple emanuel. tomorrow he tours google's headquarters in mountain view. the 1994 nobel peace prize winner is hoping to use technology to connect with young people, especially those in arab countries, to advance efforts to bring peace to the middle east. mitt romney was the big winner on super tuesday. but the victory does not mean he's got the nomination locked down. he narrowly won over rick santorum in ohio, which is the crown jewel of super tuesday. nbc bay area's brian moar joins us live from washington. he may have real weakness when it comes to the most conservative voters. >> reporter: absolutely, laura. ohio really pointed this out in stark relief. romney is the front-runner, no doubt about that. but he's still trying to convince conservatives that he's a winner. and the storyline that we've seen all along is that romney is really, really struggling to win over the core conservatives in the party, the people that rick santorum is doing best with.
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santorum came very close to toppling mitt romney in this all-important battleground state. romney did win six states on super tuesday. but santorum picked up three. most notably, tennessee. that points to a problem with -- with romney not being able to catch fire with those conservatives in the south. if you can't win the south, you can't win the white house. speaking of the south, newt gingrich won his home state of georgia. not entirely unexpected. but he really was treading water in the other states, working with ron paul back and forth to try to get third or fourth place in the majority of those states. at this point, a powerful super pac that's behind rick santorum is urging gingrich to get out of the way, saying he can't win, claiming that rick santorum is the conservative candidate. live in washington, i'm brian mooar, "nbc bay area news." defense secretary leon panetta is backing away from new demands for u.s. military
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involvement in syria. today he told the senate armed services committee it does not make sense to advise president obama to dispatch u.s. forces. but the panel's top republican, senator john mccain, says the bloodshed beckons u.s. leadership. >> before i recommend that we put our sons and daughters in uniform in harm's way, i've got to make very sure we know what the mission is and whether or not it will make matters better or worse. >> americans should lead in this. america should be standing up. america should be building coalitions. >> in the past year, an estimated 7,500 people have been killed in syria as part of the uprising against president assad's regime. the navy is making big moves to cut down on alcohol and drug abuse by sailors and marines. they will be required to take a breathalyzer test when reporting for duty. the navy's secretary says move is meant to help identify
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sailors who might be struggling with a drinking problem. the navy will also end discounts on tobacco products on bases and ships. i think we could call it a pretty picturesque day outside. looking good. >> let's check that forecast right now with meteorologist christina loren. >> hold your horses, ladies. we still have 15 minutes of this broadcast left. then we can all get together and go shoe shopping. i say we find some open toe shoes. temperatures are going to be in the 70s. lots of sunshine for the rest of the week. a good looking weekend as well. and then things start to change. we've got more rain on the way. take a look at this beautiful shot. downtown san jose. not a cloud to be found in the sky. i challenge you to find a cloud and put it on my facebook page because i just looked outside, and it's just crystal clear out there. the winds have relaxed. but one by-product of the gusty winds, they're relentless overnight. high pollen count. keep that in mind if you suffer for allergies. that will be the case for tomorrow as well. temperatures today are already rebounding nicely into the
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mid-60s. we'll be in the 70s as of tomorrow. it all works out like this. for today 65 in san jose. 63 in dublin. 62 for alometa. temps will be in the 70s as of tomorrow. then on friday, we stop the clock on your future cast at 1:00 p.m. temperatures already in the low 70s in san jose. peak warmth on friday. we could see 80s in the warmest cities. after that things start to change just a little bit for the weekend. not just the weather. don't forget to set that clock forward one hour. 2:00 a.m. sunday, daylight saving time begins. through the beginning of next week, a few clouds and cooler conditions. maybe tuesday into wednesday picking up an inch of rain up in the north bay. pretty good looking system on the way. back to you guys.
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just in, a hayward man has pleaded guilty in the hit and run case that left a 9-year-old boy critically injured. as we told you earlier in this newscast, 22-year-old andrew vargas was accused of hitting 9-year-old ryan white in august as the boy and his family were walking to their hotel room from the phillies/giants game at at&t park. white survived and he is recovering at home in pennsylvania. the house that peyton built is going to have to get used to standing without that record breaking quarterback.
11:24 am
this morning the indianapolis colts announcing it is letting go of its best player. peyton manning fought back tears during a news conference at the colts team complex this morning. he is now a free agent and says he is healthy enough to continue his career. the 35-year-old sat out the 2011 season after a series of neck injuries and surgeries. arizona, miami, tennessee, washington and the new york jets are rumored as interested. today the coast guard is laying out its maritime rules for the upcoming america's cup yacht race. the coast guard is planning to reroute boat traffic between the golden gate bridge and alcatraz island between august and september of this year and july and september of 2013. you can weigh in at three public meetings this week. today at the san francisco pro sid owe log cabin. tomorrow in novato. and tomorrow. the catch of the day will
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soon be salmon and a whole lot of it. ill population pulation boom that has bay area fishermen rejoic rejoicing. b
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welcome back, everyone. beautiful day outside. not a lot of traffic either. everybody's out and about enjoying the glorious day as they well should. 11:27 right now. >> maybe you're going to head out to fish. get ready to bait hooks. salmon watchers say there should be plenty to catch for commercial and sport fishing. they're finalizing dates for the salmon season today and will leave the calendar open for public comment for 30 days. officials are predicting almost 1.6 million shinook adult salmon will head up the sacramento river to spawn this fall. six times as many as last year. wildlife leaders are at a loss to explain the boom. environmentalists and struggling fishermen are welcoming the news.
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i don't know about you. i'm a big salmon fan. >> are you? >> i had it last night for dinner, in fact. >> always good for you. >> thanks so much for joining us. join us tonight at 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. >> all day at have a great day.
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